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Who are we? (MTradeGo) is wholly owned by Mtradego, Inc. founded in June 2014, MTradeGo, Inc. is a customer-focused trading company that offers innovative stock trading solutions. Our professional and robust platform utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide app and algorithm development, financial education for everyone, and investing solutions for other markets.

We aim to become a leading algorithmic trading solutions provider in Southeast Asia and beyond. We believe in operating sustainable and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. We aim to cultivate a work environment that provides a humane and sustainable approach to making a living and living in our world for our partners, employees, and customers.

Defying the Odds

  1. Lack of Access to Professional Trading Platforms: Many traders in Southeast Asia lack access to professional trading platforms, leaving them unable to compete with traders in other regions.

  2. Lack of Financial Education for Everyone: There is a lack of financial education in Southeast Asia, making it challenging for individuals to make informed investment decisions. Many individuals lack the necessary knowledge to invest in the stock market effectively, leaving them vulnerable to poor investment decisions.

  3. Limited Investment Solutions: Limited investment solutions are available in Southeast Asia, limiting the investment options available to traders. Many traders are forced to invest in the same stocks and markets repeatedly, making it difficult to diversify their portfolios and manage their risk effectively.

Our Strategy

Trading Platform

MTradeGo's platform provides access to a professional user-friendly and intuitive trading platform equipped with the latest technologies

Financial Education

MTradeGo offers financial education to its clients, providing them with the necessary knowledge to make informed investment decisions.

Investment Solutions

MTradeGo's platform offers diversified investment solutions that enable traders to invest in different stocks and markets.

The Management Team

Made up of brokerage experts, and finance, business, and marketing professionals, these are the right financial advisors to support you in the process of Return on Investment

Dato PH Ting


Mike Sim

Founder & CEO

Tyler Cheung, CFA

Portfolio & Fund Management 

Martin Cyril

Legal Director & COO

Peter Thien

Associate Director Malaysia

Tu Trung Cuong

Associate Director Vietnam

Become part of the team

Mtradego Fintech Co., Ltd.  is a thriving professional community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about Vietnam’s Stock Market. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your career as a Trade Broker, our association is committed to providing you with endless opportunities for growth and networking. 🌱